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Would it be important for you to have your old marker collection data from transferred to the Studiiio app? *

- Answer 'Yes' if it crucial for you to have your CopicColor data transferred to the Studiiio app.
- Answer 'No' if you'd be content with a fresh account to enter your marker collection data.
How much art did you submit to CopicColor? *

How many Copic markers are in your collection? *

How do you currently manage your marker collection and wishlist. *

How often do you use your Copic markers? *

Aside from tracking the marker colors that you own and saving colors to your wishlist, which feature would you like the most? *

Which of these platforms do you prefer the most for sharing your art? *

Care to share a link? We'd love to see your art!

Not required.
What is your mobile phone operating system? *

Studiiio is currently available on iOS for beta testing and and requires downloading an additional app called TestFlight. Android will be rolled out in months to come.

Have you done any beta testing before or are you comfortable relaying feedback to us, such as issues or ideas? *

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